Biomorphic figures and specimens infiltrate our way of communication.  Systems congeal into molten formations creating symbiotic relationships in the cyclical environment internal and external.  

They nest and nestle so close to us, an invisible network of creatures inhabiting our world which are brought to the forefront through large scale installation.  Brought up through conventional figure and landscape painting, these now envelope each other in a tight dance forever as bumps and lumps grow, encapsulating and sometimes overwhelming the viewer.   These organisms are both familiar and alien, pregnant with humanoid connections. Organic webs allow a new visual language to grow through intense observation and process. Multiple mediums come together just as new characters emerge on a lit stage, each part with a purpose and a function.  These materials : plant matter, found fabric and waste, layer off the skeletal structure into the third dimension - natural propagation probes, engrossing the viewer.  

I work simultaneously in all directions; using the growth patterns to send the painting climbing onto the ceiling and floor, and in a perpetual state of undulation, fluctuation, and metamorphosis.