Biomorphic figures


Systems congealing in molten formations

Organic webbing structures allow my visual language to grow through intense observation and process. I use multiple mediums, starting with acrylic paint and washes on fabric or canvas, leading to a large-scale collage, often experimenting with found materials. These materials layer off the skeletal structure into the third dimension - natural propagation probes, engrossing the viewer. 

Bumps and Lumps grow into installation encompassing and sometimes overwhelming the viewer. Parts of the world not immediately visible to the eye are magnified and brought to the forefront, reorganizing organs. Marks stretch full contemplating time into systems, enabling portals to expose parts of a network on different levels of dialogue, which cannot be easily pinpointed.  These organisms are both familiar and alien, pregnant with humanoid connections. I work simultaneously in all directions; using the growth patterns to send the painting climbing the wall, onto the ceiling and floor, and in a perpetual state of undulation, fluctuation, and metamorphosis.  Ecosystems form and new characters emerge on a lit stage, each part with a purpose and a function.